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These songs were recorded live in Brendan's garage on a single microphone.


released May 18, 2015

Cameron Collver - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar, Slide Whistle
Andrew Allen - Vocals, Lead Guitar, Harmonica
Brendan Lynch - Drums
(Pre-Joe era)

Special thanks to:
Alicia Mutlu - Album art
Ben Palmer - Keys



all rights reserved


Vanderhuge Temecula, California


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Track Name: World War 72
I can fight in the war
Nothing wrong with a little bit of force
Acts of killing don't shock many of us, but
Add some medals, purple hearts, oh Christ, I've scored
I can fight in the war

Death is known to make grown men even cry,
But I'm not the sad sappy type of guy

I can fight in the war
Nothing's wrong mom I'm just kinda bored
Acts of loving are essentially a must,
But add a weapon and you got yourself an encore
Look mom I'm dead because of war
Track Name: The Skeeter
Skeeter carries the weight of the world
Caught up in a handful of lies
It's risky and you do know him well, enemy of multiple minds

'Cause you gotta guess his weight
Make sure he's not gay
You don't know him like I do, honey
'Cause he's straighter than straight

Skeet skeeter skeet
Nothing short of a carbon copy
Skeet skeeter skeet

The anxious angst of a bug in heat
Is what you really want in life
Geography was his very best
It's not a challenge if you give it a try

'Cause you gotta keep him straight
Make sure hes not baked
You don't know him like I do, honey
'Cause he's patrolling today
Track Name: Sheboygan
Grey coat, yellow ball
Sheboygan lager just to top it all off

I'm going out again

You're just a dog they said
A no good mutt

Just a dog

You're just a dog they said

You're just a dog
Track Name: Sea-Song
You could be tried for killing some time
Wanted in counties, and countless state lines,
But I would still love you any other way

I had suggested we drive to Baltimore,
But you're wanted there, too, for murder times four
I would still love you any other way

The court they decided you're guilty no doubt
Your smirk gave it way, for crying out loud
I hope I'd still love you any other way
I guess I'll save these roses for another day
Track Name: The Space Traveler
You like your space, but it looks to me
You'd rather be a space traveler
Uphill knocked down, you'd rather be
A no good pick pocket traveler
Earth's spin of the oceans, she's oddly
Interested in you two traveler's
Down north up south, the magnets don't work
And you wanna get to her house

Just say the words, I'll draw you a map of the stars
I'll show you all those works of art
Track Name: I Have Your Keyboard
Yesterday was peachy keen, she was so into me
Oh no, something's changed I can feel it in her brainwaves

Back for more, you're the ghost
I don't know, but I hope so

Back porch remedies, getting high, burning trees
Right now I'm torn, but I'm keeping your keyboard
Track Name: Yeah, We Know
Make sure your pant cuffs are cuffed right
You're not a person but I consider that to be a crime
Anything is better than a straight guy
I'm one to judge not with my left eye

I, I wanna be, sarcastic and god damn mean
Is it that? Was I even close?
I was there, oh yeah, we know

Superiority at its finest

You're not a person, but I would almost buy it
Just a color so please go pick your favorite

So conceited, but only with your left...
Track Name: O' Crusade!
What have you conjured up?
What have you brought to life?
Anything but change, it's a history race
It's fake and I dare you to question mine

There's caution tape at your door
And you can't help but be bothered
By the way the truth and the light
That's thrown across the floor for our father up high

It's faith that calls us by name
Oh crusade, crusade, crusade, what a shame

It came from the kitchen counter
Untold by modern nature
All that remains, remains in the waste
In place of the neatly stacked porcelain plates
Track Name: Solve for X
Gotta take it slow, gotta keep good time
The theory escapes me and
I can't help but cry and run on home

All the numbers are coefficients
Answer the question get off my phone
Speaking in "X's" is how I bargain
Oh well, oh well, I guess I won't

Erase it slow, gotta keep it clean
Integration frustrates me and
I don't have the time to "high d low"

Oh, it's close, about half past two
The school bell is late, and
It's time to unwind for tomorrow
Track Name: Out to Lunch
Get out my change
Gonna tip the waiter hard
A minimum wage,
That's where it all starts

I'm out, out to lunch
Out out to lunch
Out out because

Get out my change
Gonna break the waitor's heart
An average wage,
Is where it gets hard
It's not a lot of money but we'll be okay
Come back tomorrow we'll give him a break

I was a bus boy, worked there for years
Wrinkly fingers and 3-o-clock meals
But I don't want this job anymore
Cause some days I just wanna... quit