Bung! EP

by Vanderhuge

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After a year in our bungs, it is finally here - sorry.
We were but young babbies.
Signing off.


released February 26, 2017

Brendan Lynch - Drums
Joe Mowrer - Bass, Vocals
Andrew Allen - Guitar, Vocals
Cameron Collver - Guitar, Vocals
Meghan Knight - Cello

Artwork - Alicia Mutlu

Mastered and Recorded by Andrew Allen



all rights reserved


Vanderhuge Temecula, California


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Track Name: Chip Broker
Some call it a disease
A sickly night owl routine
Won't you count those plastic coins

Gather 'round choose a color
Placed his fortune in a number
Of awful things he said like:

"I don't plan on workin' in the morning,
my brother has some change, I'll have him
give me all his earnings."

I don't want to be responsible for his debts
Another round of old fashioneds? You bet

"I don't plan on coming home that early,
my wife has given up and my children
barely know me."

I don't want to be responsible for his debts
Strike me up a conversation,
Strike that match on its head
I don't smoke like I used to I guess
Track Name: Grace the Sun
Well, I can see the reflection in the mirror, so much clearer to me now
I’ve lost my sense of self-reflection, the deception in your eyes, your eyes
Picking me apart, I want to hide, you see, but this time just cannot hide from anyone

From anyone, grace the sun, love the sun
There’s plenty of (plenty of), of you to see, not me
There’s just enough, just enough, just for me to run on empty

Well, well, I can see the pressure at the altar of your spirituality
And your body separated, but not permanently
So come together, come together just accept reality
(For what it is, for what it is, now state your business here)
Track Name: The 40,000 Foot Tragedy (Pts. I, II, & III)
Can you take off your shoes and stay for dinner
Why don’t you learn to relax?
Unbuckle your belt, empty out them pockets
This ain’t the tense part yet

I’m willing to bet the man behind the scowl
Is bound for “random selection”
If he can hijack a plane with a paper clip
Well, he might as well have it

Fasten those seatbelts, the sign’s off,
Long enough – “We’re going down”
Mayday, mayday my god take me today
There’s still a chance, for spitting out luck

Hope this thing holds we’re all cruising on
Control, but it was you who turned it off,
God, keep me awake – the oxygen’s
Just thick enough for an atmospheric lake
But it was still, too bad too late

What a lovely sermon on the verge of
Death makes you speak with a little
Thank god the black box caught the words
That count

With a bible on his lap, burning hatred in his
Eyes, I’m sure he had his particular reasons
All his good intentions never left the ground

God’s taking me to the ground
He’s taking me to the sea
That man’s taking me wherever he wants me to be

Yes, God is a man
Can create with no hands
Can you, no can do, yeah yeah yeahahah
Track Name: Healthy Living
Go ahead say what you’re thinking
It lets us all know that you’re still breathing
That’s the work of, well, a healthy living

Make excuses, keep people begging
Take what you want, and whatever’s missing
Yes, it could work, but are you really living?

Pay it forward I’ve got unpaid debts
Better days around the bend and
I miss my only rent (?)
Suckered into a long term lease, but
At least, at least I have my health

Honest, there’s no use in giving extra
Keep it to a minimum risk on investment
God, what an awful sense of self but
God damn, god damn I used to have my health
Track Name: Sheboygan
Grey coat, yellow ball
Sheboygan lager just to top it all off

I'm going out again

You're just a dog they said
A no good mutt

Just a dog

You're just a dog they said

You're just a dog
Track Name: Sadhouse
I used to draw on those bumpy yellow walls
God damn I’ve gotten tall since then
Let it all out, it’s a little too late for that
Tylenol pain kills, kills pain, it’s counterintuitive

You could’ve talked, you could’ve waited
You could’ve kept from falling in
I met misfortune at a very very early age
You could’ve talked, you could’ve missed it
You could’ve kept from sleeping in
Had to look both ways when crossing over
My hallway

Parallel to the one way roads,
Power lines wait for the shoes they hold
A wooden door is too paper thin,
The deadbolts locked and we invite them in

A shelter full of memories but nightmares are more fresh to me
Setting fire to hell just makes it harder to breathe
Green grass, is a bottle of champagne
Your glass is intact, but your son’s in pain
Track Name: Crocodile Teeth
Gravitate something sociopathic
It’s all too late, there’s a whole damn planet
Who thinks there’s a need for crocodile teeth

Grab a map inhale some car exhaust
Are you sure you’re getting all of this?
You’re looking kinda lost, you’d like to be
The man with the crocodile teeth

Grab a marker, grab a Crayola crayon
Draw your own rendition of a billion dollar plan
And you still dream to be the man with the
Crocodile teeth

Got a meeting with the man down south
In the swamps the trees, he’ll figure you out
So take a seat next to the butcher with the
Crocodile meat

He can’t stand the water, but he can’t resist
The offer to buy, I’ll buy some peace of mind
He’s got great tunnel vision, for the way he
Planned to build it, oh my, oh my god, I’m horrified